NorkaTech Inc. Introduces Cléo, an Innovative Loss Prevention Device for Mobile Phones

June 6, 2009 – Somewhere in America, a mobile phone with corporate or personal information is laying on the park bench or beside the Manatee tank at the Zoo. The owner might find their phone or someone might find it for them and turn it in, but 80% of the time, the device is lost, never to be recovered.

NorkaTech Inc. has introduced Cléo, a proactive solution that prevents the loss of your phone by alerting you when you have dropped or forgot your phone.
Cléo attaches to the user’s keychain. If a monitored mobile phone is more than 32 feet from its owner, Cléo triggers an alarm. When the owner is at home or office, Cléo issues a soft alert.

According to Mr. Ben Ayed, VP of Marketing, “Cléo protection system allows corporations to award customers with a product that will help them protect their mobile devices as well as their personal and corporate information.”

Cléo faceplate is customizable. It lights every 3 seconds thus drawing attention to a brand logo. “Cléo can also send an electronic brochure to the mobile phone photo album which makes it the perfect marketing tool for companies that want to reward VIP clients, promote new services, or provide incentive programs” stated Mr. Ayed.

As a security solution for enterprise, Cléo not only prevents loss of mobile devices, but also provides next generation device-assisted access authentication, automatic login or single logon solutions to mobile enterprise applications.
Although Cléo is only available for corporations and large enterprises to provide as a reward or security application, it is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced mobile security devices on the market. Cléo, which is FCC and CE certified, customizable and patented is also a green product.
For more information, contact Ben Ayed via email at [email protected] You can also learn more about the Cléo Plus by visiting

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