Nortel Compatible SFP Transceiver Module

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics (, a leading supplier of optical transceivers, recommends its Nortel compatible transceiver with a small form factor design. This transceiver is intended for 10 Gigabit per second SONET/SDH, Fiber Channel, gigabit Ethernet, 10 gigabit Ethernet and other applications such as DWDM links or MMF applications. It is a hot-swappable, protocol-independent 1000BASE-SX SFP typically operating at 850nm and at a maximum distance of 550m.
This fully compatible 1000Base-SX transceiver, model AA1419013, includes digital diagnostics and a robust management tool. It is ideal for both telecommunication and data communication applications. GAO Fiber Optics provides a wide range of SFP-based systems with powerful features for physical network connectivity, including media converters, distance extenders, cross-connections, Ethernet switching and routing equipment and wave division multiplexing solutions.
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About GAO Fiber Optics
GAO Fiber Optics (, a member company of GAO Group, is a leading provider of fiber optic test and measurement instruments, transceivers and other fiber optical devices.

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