Not the iPhone 5 – But The New iPhone Provides Personal Assistance via Siri – 5 October 2011 – Apple’s new iPhone wasn’t the iPhone 5 everyone may have been expecting, but it’s new device comes with something that business and professional people will find helpful – the ‘virtual assistant’, something called “Siri”, that will accept your voice commands.

Siri, the iPhone 4S, as the new device is called, will help organize meetings, appointments and even arrange for text messages and web searches to be undertaken.

The new iPhone actually looks the same as the iPhone 4, but its functionality and increased application power, along with Siri, make it quite a different beast and something that can greatly help lawyers, businessmen and busy professionals to better organize their lives.

The phone also contains the powerful A5 chip, which is the microprocessors used in the iPad and provides both GSM and CDMA network applications, which is a big improvement also.

Overall the reaction to the new iPhone has been favorable although many were disappointed that Apple didn’t deliver another one of their famous design changes to make the phone more distinguishable.

However the new iPhone and Siri are bound to please many who see the new device as an essential ingredient in their professional lives.

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