NZ Lawyer Among Those Charged Over Mortgage Fraud


A lawyer is one of those charged by the SFO in a case relating to alleged mortgage frauds involving 76 properties in Hamilton and Auckland.

The lawyer, Gang (Richard) Chen is facing one representative charge of ‘Gifts to agent without consent’ and individual and representative charges of ‘Obtaining by deception’.

Chen was suspended from practice for two years from 24 March 2017 by the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal after having admitting to five criminal offences, of which four were punishable by imprisonment, including two for driving with excess breath alcohol and two for diving while disqualified and one for careless driving.

Name suppression was lifted today, with the SFO saying in a statement released today –

Kang (Thomas) Huang (aka Gang Wang), has been charged with individual and representative Crimes Act charges of ‘Dishonestly taking or using a document’, ‘Obtaining by deception’ and one Secret Commissions Act charge of ‘Gifts to agent without consent’.

Kang (Thomas) Huang’s wife, Yan (Jenny) Zhang (aka Kang Xu) faces individual charges of ‘Obtaining by deception’.

Former Bank employee, Zongliang (Charly) Jiang is facing one representative charge of ‘Acceptance of gifts by agent’ laid under the Secret Commissions Act and individual charges of ‘Obtaining by deception’.

Charges were laid in September 2016. All defendants have pleaded not guilty.

The alleged offending took place between December 2011 and October 2015 and involves the obtaining of loans in excess of $50 million.

The SFO alleges the defendants provided false information or documents, or withheld information from either the BNZ or ANZ to obtain loans to purchase properties in either Auckland or Hamilton.

The defendants will appear in the Auckland High Court later this year with a trial to commence on 26 February 2018.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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