Occupy Wall Street Builds on Arab Spring

28 September 2011 – The Occupy Wall Street concept, to turn New York’s financial district into North America’s Tahrir Square, obtained up to 1500 protesters on the first day and the protests have spread to other American cities. Ultimately, the protest that the protesters are “the ninety nine percent”, referring to the one percent of the US population who control 42 percent of the private wealth in the country.

The protesters created some disruption for financial institutions, law firms and others in the Wall Street area, but its principal aim was publicity and it has been garnering plenty of that with the Occupy Wall Street concept spreading.

The Occupy Wall Street people are using their own media, websites and feeds to ensure they are not blocked by mainstream media in getting their message of greed and “satanic” control of America’s wealth to the general public.

Effectively, the Occupy Wall Street movement is springboarding off the Arab Spring movement to bring democracy and economic control to the “man in the street” – the 99 per cent who do not control America’s money.

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