Office Supplier Celebrates 84 Years in Business

Now celebrating nearly 84 years since its inception, Haskell New York Inc. rode the wave of several major recessions and even managed to survive the grand-daddy of all economic downturns; The Great Depression. Although Haskell has endured its ups and downs throughout the years, somehow the company maintains its presence in a field dominated by major players. What is the secret to their success and how can a small office supply/furniture dealer manage to stay afloat in the wake of the office superstores?

Unlike its competitors, Haskell has remained true to its roots. What sets the company apart more than anything else is its unparalleled commitment to its customers. No order is too small to get their attention. With most calls picked up immediately and fast callbacks, the companies’ average response time rates with the best in the business.

Knowing the difference between the levels of service compared to the competition, it is not surprising that many of Haskell’s customers have been with the company for decades. This commitment to the best service possible has even brought back some clients who have temporarily gone astray.

Although Haskell remains a small family business, its main website, has become well known and respected in the industry. With competitive pricing and innovative programming driving their latest e-commerce site, the company continues to push the limits of what a small company can do.

Part of this success can be attributed to the fact that the company does not outsource most of its work. While the big office superstores may have more resources to draw upon, when custom programming is required to meet the needs of customers, Haskell often completes jobs even before its competitors will acknowledge there is a problem let alone get the authorization to take action.

Despite the big impression of the domain name, is still a service run by a family/company that cares. In a world dominated by annoying voice mail systems and pushy salesmen, it’s not surprising that Haskell has seen many of its competitors disappear off the scene over the years. In the current economic climate, no success can be taken for granted. A bad reputation can quickly destroy any business and only those willing to go the extra mile will prevail. If this means working odd hours to ensure optimal performance and up time of its server, Haskell does everything it can to keep its customers happy.

Having made the transition from a small office stationer on the local scene to a company that routinely does business throughout the country and even abroad, Haskell New York Inc. remains ever vigilant to new opportunities as it continues to improve its services. With this much commitment to excellence, Haskell remains a strong competitor for 2012, its eighty-fifth year in business and beyond.

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