OJ Simpson The Brutal Ringleader Of Gunmen, Report Says

A police incident report obtained late Tuesday paints O.J. Simpson as the brutal ringleader of a group of men with guns who busted into a Vegas hotel room on Thursday but who, in subsequent days, told police he is baffled by the notion that what took place was an armed robbery.

Mr. Simpson told police the following day that his group departed with pillow cases full of nearly $100,000 in sports memorabilia, not all of it related to his football career, but that he “didn’t take the time to go through it” before they left the room.

The report lists dozens of items that Mr. Simpson and his group are said to have taken from two memorabilia dealers, including three neckties that Lt. Clint Nichols said in a separate interview were worn by Mr. Simpson during the 1995 murder trial that ended in his acquittal on charges he killed his ex-wife and her friend.

Other items included several football keepsakes signed by Mr. Simpson as well as lithographs of Joe Montana, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, and baseballs signed by Pete Rose and Duke Schneider.

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