Online Canadian pharmacy requiring prescription (Rx) vs. no prescription (Rx) compared to your local pharmacies?

An online Canadian pharmacy can offer large benefits for you and your family. However, caution and appropriate validation is important when ordering from any online pharmacy. Knowing that online Canadian pharmacies now cover a large part of the online prescription drugs market CanMedGlobal have decided to give you some key considerations to validate.
Firstly, we will look at the advantages and the disadvantages of purchasing from a Canada pharmacy online. Then we will give you some tips on how to recognize the genuine ones.
Benefits of using an online Canadian pharmacy:
Why would US residents use an online Canada pharmacy for purchasing their prescription drugs online? Because US patients buy their online drugs at a price that is inflated. By ordering their medication from one of the many Canada pharmacies online then they save money , despite receiving exactly the same products.
The disadvantages of using an unlicensed pharmacy
Now there are so many online Canada pharmacy outlets that it is hard for you to validate which pharmacy is licensed and can provide you with high quality online Canadian drugs. So the question is how to find a genuine online Canadian pharmacy?
There are certain ways to distinguish the genuine Canada pharmacies online from those that may not have the correct licensing.
Follow these simple rules and you can rest assured, knowing that you are safely ordering your online medications from a real, licensed Canadian pharmacy.

1. MOST IMPORTANTLY if the pharmacy does not require a VALID PRESCRIPTION (Rx) from your physician you can never be sure of what you are going to get. These pharmacies, who do not required prescriptions sold drugs that are coming from the black market and have probably never been approved by any licensed authorities.
2. Personally verify the pharmacy. Does the pharmacy have a physical address? You can visit our website and find out about us on the contact us page.
3. Check that the phone number of the pharmacy actually works. If so, can you get in touch with somebody? You can contact CanMedGlobal at 1-888-505-3784 or by email at [email protected]
4. A Canada pharmacies online must have a Pharmacy checker seal. Otherwise Google will not allow you to post in it and crawl it.

Canmedglobal is pleased to let their customers benefit from 40 to 90% discounts on their online drugs, when ordering from our online Canada pharmacy. We offer a secure and private delivery service in 5 to 10 open days.
Who is
CanMedGlobal is a Canadian online pharmacy that believes all people should have access to their drugs at discount drug prices. This is why CanMedGlobal partners with pharmacies around the world to provide access to the highest quality of over-the-counter, generic and brand name drugs at discount rates. We are aiming to be the top Canadian pharmacy by providing the highest discount, which means the best price for you, with the most personalized customer service.
Our goal is to make your purchase of medications and over-the-counter drugs simple, convenient and affordable. We only charge a single shipping and handling fee per parcel, regardless of how many prescription or over-the-counter items fit within!

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