OSHA Focus Four Hazards- A New Course by OSHA 30 Hour Training Course!

OSHA 30 hours training course offers a safety training courses that mainly targets on the four important hazards in the construction industry. OSHA Four Hazards training program will help the workers to identify the risk taking behaviors and the also learn the importance to recognize, control and eliminate the four construction hazards.

OSHA Focus Four Hazards course is a part of OSHA 30 Hour Training Courses Program. Focus four hazards is a course that is specifically designed for the business owners, managers or for those workers with the task of executing safety initiatives. In this online OSHA focus four course, you will gain knowledge and the skills that are required to identify the four hazards that include; falls, struck-by, electrocution and caught in-between. You will also be trained for the preventive strategies to tackle these four focus hazards.

Following are the Learning Objectives of the Focus Four Hazards Course:

* Identify the activities that cause struck by and caught in between injuries.

* Inspect electricity.

* Discuss the engineering controls and work practices that reduce struck by and caught in between injuries.

* Developing fall protection plan.
* Identify and describe systems for fall protection.

* Discuss falls in the workplace.

* Identify electrical injuries.

* Discuss electrical training.

* Describe how to control electrical hazards.

* Discuss grounding.

* Identify and discuss electrical hazards.

* Stating the requirements for power tools.

* Describe types of PPE that decreases caught in between and struck by injuries.

* Examine fall protection equipment.

* Discuss falls in the workplace.

* Identify preventive measures for avoiding falls.

* Discuss the duty for fall protection.

* Explain how electricity works.

* Explain the process of locking out and tagging out circuits.

* Discuss safety-related work practices.

Online Focus Four Hazard Course will not only make you aware of the possible dangers that are present in a construction site but will also teach you preventive measure to deal with the situation. So if you want your workplace to be free from the dangers of four major construction fatalities then join online OSHA 30 Hour Training Course and create a safe environment at your workplace.

About the Author:

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