Arrests in Israel Over Palestinian Murder

Arrests in Israel Over Palestinian Murder 2

The killing of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdair is generally regarded as a revenge killing following the murder of three Israeli teenagers earlier, but now Israeli police have announced the arrest of several Jewish suspects over the Palestinian boy’s death.

Israeli police told the BBC Khdair was murdered “because of his nationality”.

Khdair was abducted in East Jerusalem. His body was found on Wednesday with first post-mortem examination findings suggesting he was burnt alive.

His death followed the abduction and murder of three Israeli students, who had been hitchhiking near Hebron.

Thousands attended Mohammad Abu Khdair’s funeral on Friday near the family’s home in the Shufat district of East Jerusalem.

Hundreds of Palestinian youths clashed with Israeli police in East Jerusalem before and after the funeral.

A Palestinian-American teenager, a cousin of Mohammad Abu Khdair, was one of those held after the clashes.

Mobile phone footage appears to show two Israeli policemen repeatedly punching Tariq Khdair, 15, from Florida, in the head.

Tariq Khdair’s family deny claims by Israeli police that he was among a group of masked Palestinians attacking police, as James Reynolds reports

On Sunday, a judge said he had to be held under house arrest for nine days during the investigation.

Police say that he was among a group of youths attacking police officers during the unrest.

Anger mounts

Mohammad Abu Khdair was seen being forced into a car in Shufat early on Wednesday and his body was later found in in a forest in West Jerusalem.

The post-mortem examination was carried out by Israeli doctors, with Saber al-Aloul, the director of the Palestinian forensic institute, in attendance.

The Palestinian official news agency Wafa quoted the attorney-general as saying that Mr Aloul had reported fire dust in the respiratory canal, meaning the victim had “inhaled this material while he was burnt alive”.

Mohammad Abu Khdair, who had also suffered a head injury, had burns to 90% of the body, it was reported.

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