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It is interesting that the earliest directory in the UK didn’t contain telephone numbers. A printed telephone directory versus the online telephone directory is a continuing debate. If a person is over 65 when asked to make a choice, a high percentage prefers the printed directory. In fact, that person may not even own a computer. In today’s world there seems to be a happy balance. The age of a person may be one of the determining factors, but there are other considerations.

Ecologically speaking, it would be better to turn fully to online directories. When you consider the fact that the BT Phone Book saved 2,000 tonnes of paper per edition by reducing the size to a more compact version, think what could be saved by not printing one at all. Compacting saved a weight almost equal to the weight of the wheel and all of the capsules of the London Eye.

The online Local Business Directory at contributes more than just telephone numbers and addresses. It also contributes more specific information about each business listed within the community. Much depends on what the business wishes to divulge, but even the map offered with the entry will be of help in determining whether you want to check into this business further. The addition of the EDP stamp of approval gives the first-time enquirer the chance to select a service they can be sure will perform well.

Many people still prefer leafing through the printed business directory to gain a list of businesses before making a choice. Restaurants, for example, will often give standard menu selections in the business directory. However, there is one drawback to this. Businesses not only change hands and change the way they do business, but they may even go out of business. The lead time is much greater for a listing to be printed and circulated in a printed business directory and may be out of date before it actually reaches the consumer. The online directory is so much quicker in responding to these situations.

Whilst you scan the printed directory and find the ideal place to dine, motor there, and find the “Closed” sign up, you could have searched the online with a much better result.

If having a page on which to write comments appeals to you, then the printed directory certainly can be helpful for such notes. Some online directories offer the ability to add the business to your online address book, which is one alternative to note-taking. No printed directory has the ability to directly call a business after the number is found, but the computer can be programmed to do that for you.

Computer usage itself is increasing, and as people see that more and more information is provided by the local business directory, they will see that it will be more to their advantage to use the online directory; especially with its added advantage of their in-depth descriptions and their EDP ratings.

New businesses would find the online local business directory a big advantage for them. Their name can be placed before the public in a very short time. Their business will be overlooked by anyone scanning a listing in a printed directory. A business may also have a service in which they specialize, but which does not contribute very much to the bottom-line. They may hesitate to advertise this minor specialty in a printed directory, but if they include it in descriptive data online, a search will find it. It may be just the service someone is looking for and cannot readily find.

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