ParalegalCertification – Can a Paralegal Certification Qualification Make You More Marketable than being an Attorney?

6 May 2011 – Can a paralegal career top being a lawyer? Possibly, for some, according to recent reports on the expanding Paralegal Certificationbusiness.

The top 5% of the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) legal executives might expect to earn between £80,000 and £100,000, which is more than many lawyers practising (some times for several years) can earn.

A paralegal can expect a great benefit package in addition to the salary. This career is often overlooked in today’s job market. Many people don’t realize how much money can be made working as a paralegal.

Is the same thing happening in the United States? Indeed it is in many areas as paralegals, who handle so much of the ‘grunt’ legal work in offices are more in demand than ever. In fact, the better a paralegal the more money they command and why would that surprise anyone? Like good lawyers, a good paralegal is worth their weight in gold and the money they earn is commensurate with their ability and experience.

The average paralegal pay rate is between $40,000 and $50,000 a year. Paralegal salaries are just one reward to being a paralegal at a private law firm while those working in a corporate situation may earn up to $80,000 or even more. There is also a good indication that pay rates for paralegals are increasing.

Paralegal studies online continue to expand and the range of job opportunities also continues to increase. See: Paralegal Certification

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