Paris Boats, Barges Afloat The Seine

Among many others to behold, river Seine is considered one of the many great prizes for those visiting Paris. The river ascends from the eastern end of France at Saint Seine near the Swiss Alps and joins the English Channel at Le Havre. Seine flows across Paris, making a fork and cutting the city in half.

The city of Paris has an ancient history. Archeological signs indicate that permanent habitation started in Paris around 4200 BC. The area was inhabited by the Parisii tribe near river Seine around 250 BC. This tribe established a fishing village near the banks of Seine, which eventually grew into the city we today know as Paris. peniche paris & boats on Seine waters have witnessed the rise and fall of Paris and eventually its establishment as one of the world’s most vibrant cities. These waters offer tourists a close look into the history of the city with the monuments in towns situated along its banks. On board a boat or barge, Paris’ magic comes alive. Since the time of the Romans in 52 BC, trading using river Seine has been part and parcel of Paris businesses and made them thrive. It was very early in ancient times that Seine was connected with other important rivers through building canals, to improve river trading. It was not until the 1800s that the water flow was controlled using locks. This was because Seine’s water flow varied frequently.

Since the river Seine flows across Paris, this makes it even more joyful for tourists to behold the historical monuments and various landmarks from their cruise. These world famous icons include the Louvre, Eiffel tower, Notre Dame and many more. The river has a great many number of bridges built on it. Only within Paris limits there are as many as thirty seven bridges while there are dozens more beyond Paris limits. The oldest bridge is Pont Neuf, which was built by King Henri III while the most recent was built not long ago in the 1990s in order to accommodate additional traffic due to the newly built football stadium for the FIFA world cup.

One can see a great many number of bateaux paris, barges and houseboats afloat the Seine. It is not only a main tourist attraction but also lures natives with their various cruise offers. On boats and barge, Paris is a breathtaking & mesmerizing journey to behold. The city offers different cruising packages with varying durations and costs. Seine cruises starts from an hour long journeys for those who to want to enjoy a quick glimpse of the city through waters, to half a day long ones with lunch served on board. Also available are cruises spanning a full day that ends with dinner. Houseboats are available for those who want to spend a longer time on water.

Whether your aim is to spend a vacation feeling the charm of the water or you are a tourist wanting to see Paris, boats and barges are a great way to explore the beautiful city. For more visit

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