Personal Injury Law Issues – Asbestos | A Serious Rising Health Issue

What is asbestos? Asbestos is any of several minerals that readily separate into long, flexible fibres. Chrysotile is the most common type and accounts for about 95 percent of all asbestos in commercial use. Asbestos was mined in Australia from the 1940s to late 1980s and used in a variety of materials and products.The fibre was formerly widely used inbrake linings, gaskets, and insulation; and inroofing shingles, floor and ceiling tiles, cement pipes, and otherbuilding materials.

Inhaling asbestos fibres can cause health risks such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Majority of people who have contracted these diseases have a long history of exposure to asbestos and spanning over a long period of time.

The increase in DIY Do It Yourself Home Renovation is putting a lot of lives at risk. Untrained, unskilled and most of all unlicensed people are removing asbestos from their homes. The new age of asbestos victims are home renovators. All asbestos removal should be left to licensed experts.

Here are some useful links for more detailed information regarding asbestos. has the most up to date and comprehensive information about pleural Mesothelioma and asbestos exposure related cancer on the the web today. Such as Mesothelioma Life Span and information ranging from a complete list of symptoms, to treatment options, and steps to take after a diagnosis

Asbestos Symptoms Information and advice about Asbestos & its safe removal & disposal

Asbestos Victim Advice

Fibro and Asbestos – A Renovator and Homeowner’s Guide to Asbestos Removal (The NSW Government has developed some practical information specifically for renovators and homeowners working with fibro and asbestos….)

Workcover NSW – Asbestos Removal Sydney & NSW (Bonded asbestos is produced when asbestos fibres are bonded to another material, such as a cement or resin binder…)

The asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia (Our aim is to reduce the number of people exposed to asbestos and future incidence of asbestos related disease in the Australian community…)


Safe Work Australia (Safe Work Australia reports an increase in mortality due to mesothelioma….)

Dust Diseases Board of Australia (The Workers’ Compensation (Dust Diseases) Act 1942 provides compensation for the following diseases: Aluminosis, Asbestosis, Asbestos induced carcinoma, Asbestos related pleural disease (ARPD), Bagassosis, Berylliosis, Byssinosis, Farmers’ Lung, Hard Metal Pneumoconiosis Mesothelioma, Silicosis, Silico-tuberculosis…)

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