’s New Video Illustrates the Mechanics of the HCG Diet Protocol

London, England – March 16, 2010 – today announced the release of a first-of-its-kind HCG diet informational video available at The video provides a great starting point for learning about all-natural HCG’s ability to promote significant weight loss while increasing energy levels and reducing hunger.

The information-packed video helps separate the truth from the myths about HCG Pregnyl and the HCG diet protocol. It incorporates simplified language and animated illustrations to quickly convey the important facts and benefits. After watching the HCG diet video viewers have a much better understanding of this revolutionary clinical approach to treating morbid obesity and excess weight gain.

“Our goal in providing this brief video introduction is to stimulate dieters to explore in more detail this safe, simple and successful approach to weight loss,” said Nick Turner, Manager of “Anyone interested in learning more will find answers to all of their questions at, a web page we’ve dedicated exclusively to the HCG diet protocol.”

Dr. ATW Simeons changed the way the world thinks about fat with his discovery of not just one but three types of body fat. His years of study revealed that the body fats he referred to as “structural” fat, “normal” fat and “abnormal” fat were very different in purpose and also in the way the body uses them.

Dr. ATW Simeons was one of the first to identify obesity as a disease with specific symptoms. While studying obese patients Dr. ATW Simeons discovered an inability in some to metabolize abnormal fat. His search for a solution led him to HCG Pregnyl, a hormone created during pregnancy known for its ability to move abnormal fat out of storage so it can be metabolized. Low doses of synthetic HCG Pregnyl combined with a low calorie diet form the basis of the HCG diet protocol.

Turner believes the company’s new video is an important first step towards reversing the current obesity epidemic. “When followed correctly, the HCG diet protocol helps overweight and obese individuals lose between ½ to 2 pounds a day,” added Turner. “Our 6-minute video explains how.”

To view the brief HCG diet video and learn more about HCG Pregnyl, HCG kits, HCG research, recipes, ebooks, testimonials, coaches and Dr. ATW Simeons’ Pounds and Inches manuscript, visit

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