Writers Hike the Snow: Closeness Leads To Operational Efficiencies management finds that time together away from work transforms our team into more than merely co-workers. Time spent in nature is also restorative. We’ve combined these goals before, in summertime, but this winter we tried sending the writers and editors off to hike in the snow. The shared experience will help them collaborate and cooperate on the projects our clients bring us.

The Mt. Lassen State Park area in winter seemsmythical. The dormant volcano, and associated thermal springs and bubbling mud pots fascinated our group. Some of the writers attempted cross-country skiing, but everyone took a long walk along a road between the snowy woods and an icy creek. The area’s strange beauty gave the writers much to talk and think about.

Trips like this always bring our team home a closer and more cohesive unit. This contributes to smooth operations. We value this, because not only does it make the work-place more pleasant, but it helps our customers materially. succeeds or fails on the quality of its customer service, so we will do whatever it takes to maintain a positive atmosphere.

We have news of past outings into the wilds at our website, You can find out about our customer service guarantees there as well.

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