Piksters Interdental brushes

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Piksters Interdental brushes gently remove the dangerous particles of food that get left behind, even after brushing. Leaving those particles behind can cause plaque build up that causes a number of gum problems that ultimately lead to gum disease. Piksters interdental brushes can prevent this happening in just a few minutes each time you eat or alongside your brushing. Many people actually prefer interdental brushes to flossing as they are so easy to use. Don’t mistake interdental brushes for toothpicks, they are much safer and actually have special bristles that expand into the gaps.
Piksters interdental brushes are ideal for everyone and not just those with gum conditions. Interdental brushes can be effective for those with implants, crowns,braces, bridges and braces. Your mouth will feel professionally cleaned, giving you confidence, and your breath will feel minty fresh. Even though they are made from stiff coated wire and hard nylon filament they are not uncomfortable to use. They are made with these special materials so they won’t bend or break like normal toothpicks. As every mouth has different requirements and is unique to each individual interdental brushes come in all sizes and have a cap so you can conveniently re-use and take with you any where you go.
Interdental brushes are the best way to remove plaque and also prevent plaque build up in any mouth. Gaps between your teeth cause 80% of gum conditions,so interdental brushes are a great investment as they really get to those area’s your brush can’t reach. If these areas are cleaned well on a regular basis you will have a great advantage of preventing gum conditions and the deadly gum disease. It has been proven that gum disease can even contribute to heart disease, the theory being that bad oral bacteria enters the blood stream attaching to the fatty plaque in the arteries that contribute to the formation of clots. So interdental brushes not only contribute to oral health but also to your overall health.

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