Pippa Middleton Topless Pictures Lead to Legal Lines Being Drawn

12 May 2011 – Legal issues about Pippa Middleton pictures are back center stage as new pictures are published of the 27 year old.

The pictures, taken off the coast of the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, are five years old and show her sunbathing topless but have lead to the filing of a formal petition to the British Independ Press Complaints Commission and once again place privacy issues into public focus in that country.

The British press in particular has been aggressive in its approach to obtaining images of Pippa Middleton topless or otherwise to satiate a perceived public desire to see the younger sister of Kate Middleton. However, the clash between private privacy and public interest is once more being debated in legal and public circles in Britain.

European law often protects the personal lives of famous people. In 2004, a European Court of Human Rights found that three German magazines had violated Princess Caroline of Monaco’s privacy by publishing photos of her and her children at a Monaco beach club.

Quite what the upshot from the latest issue involving Pippa Middleton will be is anyone’s guess, but it appears that the legal lines will be drawn sharply in the days and weeks ahead.

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