Pistorius Prosecutor Told to ‘Restrain Himself’

Pistorius Prosecutor Told to 'Restrain Himself' 2

The vigorous cross examination of Oscar Pistorius resulted in prosecutor Gerrie Nel being reprimanded by the trial judge for laughing “scornfully” at Pistorius during cross examination on Thursday.  The judge told Nel to restrain himself. The riveting cross examination by one of the most experienced and spirited prosecutors in South Africa has seen numerous clashes and reprimands delivered by Nel during his questioning, but he went too far with his laughter, the Judge has said. Pistorius was cross-examined about his account of the moments just before he killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and was also questions about firearms charges against him, including the celebrated incident involving Pistorius discharging a weapon in a crowded restaurant.   According to News24, prosecutor Gerrie Nel, who often sought to goad Pistorius by accusing him of being self-obsessed and hiding the truth about Steenkamp’s death, briefly erupted in laughter after Pistorius suggested that two witnesses who said they once saw him shoot out of a car sunroof had collaborated and fabricated their accounts. The report said that judge Thokozile Masipa sternly instructed the prosecutor to restrain himself from thinking that the case is ‘entertaining’, following which Nel apologised, saying that he would not laugh again, after people in the gallery murmured in surprise at his outburst.

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