Releases a Patch for Its Plagiarism Detection Tool – Being a software development company in a highly competitive market means that occasionally producing new versions of your product and resting on your laurels between releases is not an option. knows all too well that it is the constant support of your software that distinguishes a professional developer from its amateurish counterparts. As another proof of this constant care, last week our company delivered a hotfix that addresses the issues of the newest version of our online plagiarism detection tool.

There is no professional development company that claims its products to be flawless. Creating a program product means writing thousands of lines of code and dealing with hundreds of variables. Even extensive beta-testing is not able to eliminate all the potential flaws and weaknesses of such systems.

Firstly, it seemed to be a minor complaint about the slow working speed of our online plagiarism detector that made us to look through our code once again. It appeared to be the result of a certain mismanagement of one of the variables that slowed the detection time greatly. A small hotfix was quickly composed and sent to all of our clients.

Now encourages its customers to report every flaw of the plagiarism detection software we provide. It is our duty to support it with premium quality service and, certainly, it is our desire to refine our product up to the point of perfection, if such is possible.

You can find more information on the products and services of the company by visiting the website.

About is a software developer that deals with one of the most serious issues of modern days – namely, copyright infringement. An online plagiarism detector the company had developed has been through four versions and countless updates and modifications over the last several years and is used now by dozens of writing services throughout the world.

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