Portable and Easy-to-Use Telecom Line Tester

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. (www.GAOTek.com) has launched its compact telecom line tester which is a professional handheld instrument used for line maintenance and construction. This tester is compatible with FSK and DTMF meeting the GB/T 15279-94 standard. It has an insulation test range of 0 to 40MΩ at a maximum distance of 2km. This easy-to-use telecom line tester, model 230, incorporates the functions of a telephone set, circuit performance tester and security tester, which makes the line tester a comprehensive device for detecting line errors. The portable telecom line tester performs dial and caller display, multi-line tests as well as twister pair testing. It is configured with a chargeable 9V Ni-MH battery and a high resolution LCD screen to display line voltage and insulation test results and features low voltage warning, auto power off for energy savings.
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About GAO Tek Inc.
GAO Tek Inc. (www.GAOTek.com) is a global leader in research, development and manufacturing of high performance telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments, embedded development tools and other electronic products that serve the needs of electronic professionals internationally.

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