Portable Optical Multi-Meter for Fiber Optic Networks

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) recommends its handheld optical multi-meter which incorporates an optical power meter module and an optical light source module. It is able to implement loop-around tests by using both modules. Each of the modules can function independently; switching between the modules is accomplished easily via menu selection. It can be tailored according to different requirements.
This portable optical multi-meter, model A067001, supports a measurement range from -60dBm to 10dBm or -50dBm to 26dBm with a resolution of 0.01dB. It provides a stabilized light source using a dual-wavelength laser diode, with one port output. Different light source and power meter options are available for selection according to specific need. In addition, this compact optical multi-meter offers an auto-off function which kicks within ten minutes of inactivity.
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