Writers, Staff, Will Have Professional Language Instruction In-House writers already know what an asset an additional language represents. We have always subsidized language instruction, and many of our writing and editorial team have augmented their language skills that way. Additionally, as a group with an impressive portfolio of advanced degrees, many are bilingual to begin with. However, is moving our language program to a whole new level. Our staff now includes professional educators to provide classes for all personnel. is counting on this being a win-win all around. More customers will find someone who understands them at the other end of the phone. Our writers will access a larger base of scholarly literature. Our whole staff will acquire a deeper understanding of other cultures, whether in interacting with them or in writing about them. Bilingualism is a well-documented augmenter of many aspects of analytical and creative thinking.

By making this a permanent, in-house program, we ensure that everyone on staff of can access it. It allows for more skill acquisition. Our instructors can take us farther in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and future languages than if we depended on outside vendors.

This initiative builds on our long-standing practice of exposing our staff to other cultures. You can find out more about our professional development at We also display samples of writers’ work.

About Us: writers have myriad skills arising from their varied writing backgrounds, from journalism, to advocacy, to academia. Our polymaths can help our customer with whatever assignments trouble them. All topics, all formats, and all types of assignments are feasible for our wide-ranging and talented group of researcher. Our new language instruction initiative will add to their flexibility.

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