Renaissance Diamond: Your Diamond’s Bestfriend

Diamond rings? Engagement rings? Wedding Bands? Find the perfect home for your well-loved possessions. Renaissance Diamond is the No.1 Diamond Buyer in Los Angeles CA. They buy all types of diamonds, from diamond rings to plain diamonds with GIA certificates. Being one of the longest players in the Diamond Buyingindustry, Renaissance Diamond has earned its spot on top of the others, they are one of the most trusted diamond buyers in town.

With over 58 years of expert experience in the diamond industry, Renaissance Diamond is the premiere Diamond Buyer in Los Angeles CA. People from other parts of the country fly in to Los Angeles just to get the best deal from Renaissance. They are a family owned and operated company. They believe in old-fashioned business ethics and puts their customer’s satisfaction on top of any other thing.

In Renaissance Diamond, they buy everything with diamonds, may it be the engagement diamond ring your fiancé gave you, the diamond bracelet your mom gifted you on your Bat Mitzvah or any other diamond in one’s possession that has been certified by the GIA.

So if you are a little tight on cash or you are looking to make money out of your diamonds, Renaissance Diamond in Los Angeles CA is the perfect place for you. For more information log on to

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