Privacy-friendly and fun chat program ChatGlobus.Com released

Finally a fun and spontaenous Web Chat system designed with privacy in mind

BARCELONA, AUGUST 30 2010 –Tired of clicking the “Next” button on randomized webcam matching sites only to see (yet another) guy exposing himself or some other offensive scene? Concerned about your privacy but want to enjoy the spontaneity of one to one personal connections?

These are the pressing concerns that Chatglobus.Com (, a 100% free chat pairing website, are designed to address. Spontaneity is the key to an active offline social life. Sadly, this is often missing from most online chatrooms which focus on themes and locations. A key part of fostering spontaneity are candid, fresh pictures of the chat participants. Most standard chat sites and programs have a “canned” or existing picture on file for the chatter. “Sadly, these pics rarely if ever get updated,” notes N. Lape of PuzCash, the developer of Chatglobus.Com. Chatglobus lets chatters take a fresh picture for their chat profile at the click of a button. This allows their chat partners to get a candid and fresh view of the person they are chatting with. Other sites allow for profile fraud because the pictures used for avatars may be years old or not even of the person chatting. The possibility of FAKE profile chatting is eliminated from Chatglobus.

In addition to the added spontaneity of Chatglobus.Com, we empower chatters to control their level of risk when chatting up strangers. Unlike other webcam random pairing systems out there, chatters are left “blind” as to who they will be chatting with. There’s no control. There’s no selection. There’s no advance warning. Chatglobus.Com’s rotating profiles system fixes this problem. The random rotation of chat partners at the left of the screen is a massive improvement on other ‘more random systems allows some semblance of order and control. A purely random webcam/chat system doesn’t allow chatters to anticipate potentitally problematic chat partners. The potential for abuse is just too great. Chatglobus’ picture profile-based system allows some form of advanced warning by checking the person’s cam shot. Of course, this is not absolutely foolproof protection, but it can definitely protect against “spur of the moment” cam flashing.

Not everyone is ready for webcam chat. For one, it requires a pretty high level of trust considering what can happen to your cam session video in the YouTube age. There’s been one too many funny videos of people baring their souls to what they thought small group of friends only to find out, to their shame and embarrassment, that their private moment has been bringing laughs and ridicule from millions of people the world over. Chatglobus is designed to give people a measure of
spontaneity while protecting them from the multimedia shame of embarassing webcam video sessions posted on youtube. Sure, people might post funny transcripts of a chat session along with a Chatglobus Cam pic but simple screen captures don’t attract as much massive online ridicule as video.

Overall, Chatglobus builds on many earlier attempts to address people’s needs to connect on a personal level. It’s features allow people to reach out and connect while allowing for some level of protection from shame, embarrassment and ridicule. It provides spontaneity but allows for some protection against flashers and other obscene threats. Frankly, speaking “Chatglobus delivers where others failed”, said Lape.

About ChatGlobus.Com – ChatGlobus.Com, a candid profile chatting system, is developed by N. Lape, owner of the leading affiliate program

Chatglobus.Com can be accessed at

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