Quality Team Iterates about Universal Support of Add PST File Tool

Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2, 2011:- The comprehensive report by SysTools’ utility tester team testified that PST Merge which is used by the user to know how to add PST file to Outlook is supportive to all the versions of MS Office and Windows. A detailed report of the study which was led by the lab team also shows that it is only possible to add PST to Outlook but the software can not conduct a merging process of corrupted files. The lab team took 3 days of time to conduct the testing process.
Words by the Lab Director, SysTools Group: – “We excel in providing highly commendable results out of our software and this keep on progressing with the help of our organization’s innovative minds that are trying to improve the quality of our tools with each growing day.”
Day 1 was surrounded in testing the support by all the versions of Windows. On day 2 the team tested the support of the software with all Outlook versions. On day 3 the lab team tested whether the corrupted PST files could be merged with our software and the result came out negative. Hence, the first two days of examination of the software functionality came clean but the third day results proved to be negative which states that our software does not help in merging corrupted PST file to Outlook. The conclusion of the research can be stated as now users can successfully add PST file to Outlook 2010, add PST file to Outlook 2003 and add PST file to Outlook 2000.

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