Re-Information about the Effective Way to split .PST

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 15, 2011: SysTools is one of the leading software solution providers over years. SysTools Split PST is an effective tool to split PST and divide large PST files into small. SysTools Split PST software is used widely by numerous users to tackle their problem of numerous PST files. Now to perform MS outlook Split PST file, one can depend on SysTools doubtlessly as SysTools split PST is more effective than any of its counter parts.
Some of the best features associated with SysTools Split PST software is its quick recovery process and user friendly interface. Its advanced algorithms would allow it to effectively break PST and divide large PST into small. Users can split PST files using this Split PST software more effectively than ever.
To face slow performance of MS Outlook in moving, searching due to large size & large number of items in PST file, effectively divide large PST using Split PST software. The Demo version and Full version can be downloaded from the website.
Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) says, “SysTools plans to make its position firm in the technology front by expanding the product range from data recovery to other domains also. One of such innovative product is Split PST software, designed for better performance and fast management of large PST files. Additionally, being a non-destruction split PST file tool, the software does not hamper the integrity of PST file in any way.”
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