Real Writing Jobs Select Best Hosting Companies for 2012

Checking out the best hosts for small websites can create confusion for many, and now author and writing website owner Diane Somer has announced her two, 2012 Best Web Hosting companies on her blog post at Best Web Hosting Company

There are various factors anyone should be considering when looking at good web hosting companies, including cost, reliability, security, flexibility, hosting packages offered and similar consideration.

The top host in the RealWritingJobs survey conducted by Diane Somer shows a company that consistently outperforms competitors with is flexibility, security and overall price. Ideal for people with either small personal websites, such as the writers who go to learn how to write, learn writing skills or want to make money writing at but also for businesses looking for great web hosting solutions.

The increasingly competitive web hosting market confronts everyone with websites ranging from lawyers and accountants, to self employed tradesmen, writers and others who simply want a good, functional website hosting company that can be relied upon without costing a great deal of money.

Check out the Best Web Hosting Companyand find out which is best for you.

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