Recover Data Represent Windows Data Recovery Software on this New Year

Good News for all Windows users, Recover Data is going to represent Windows Data Recovery Software which is serving to recover lost Windows files & folders from many years. We are representing this data recovery tool, because our engineers update its recovery techniques & emended four new recovery modes (Quick Scan, Exhaustive Scan, Raw Recovery & Disk Imaging).

All four recovery modes applies different recovery scenario to provide maximum data recovery result. And these modes work in diverse data disaster of circumstances. So here are the brief descriptions of all modes.

1. Quick Scan: This Quick scan is the sharpest mode to recover deleted data. It able to get back data which lost recently due to recent formatting of hard disk partitions, etc.

2. Exhaustive Scan: By chance Quick Scan fails to recover data, then try exhaustive scan mode because this is more powerful mode to restore lost Windows data. This mode work in extreme cases such as changed partition, long lost folders or broken directory entries etc.

3. Raw Recovery: This recovery mode works to recover files with specifies extension. Raw recovery mode scans partition/drive/file system sector by sector to retrieve lost data till the last recovery possibility.
4. Disk Imaging: This is a specialist mode for creating an image of the hard disk like a photograph. It recreates (Read data recovery) into the actual disk contents.

Note: Mode 4 – Disk image always create on another disk because it is heavy running file on several mega bytes of data depending on the size of disk you are imaging. Disk Image should ideally stored on removable storage media such as CD, DVD, etc.

Engineers of Recover Data say: “We designed these modes according to the market demand, because this data recovery industry wants time to time update. Users don’t need to worry because we add them in software after the testing in all data loss condition such as virus attack, bad sector, any hardware & software failure, formatted, corrupted or damaged partition or hard drive & any other major or minor data loss reason”.

He/she can get this data recovery Windows software from If you have any doubt and want to test it, so you can download this Windows recovery software can free of cost.

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