Reinforcements at 5 New Support Operators Join the Ranks considers its writers their most valuable asset and tries to treat them according to their special status in the company. But sometimes, while reporting about achievements of our company and its custom writers, we forget other equally committed team members who work tirelessly to make the writer’s life easier, more comfortable and less stressing. Fortunately, this is a perfect occasion to tell about them – namely, the quality assurance department has doubled its ranks.

Since the number of custom writers cooperates with has increased dramatically over the last months, the old staff of 2 online operators has started to fail dealing with a whole host of everyday issues. To the surprise of the company administration it appeared that there are many more applicants opting for a position as a custom writer than those who are eager to become a support operator. Indeed, while a writer can work in hothouse conditions at his home and adjust the working schedule to his needs, a support operator is the only person standing on the front line between customers and writers.

Luckily for the writers’ team of, the company has managed to replenish its quality assurance department so that now the entire party of 5 operators works in shifts to solve writers’ problems. “We’ve started considering the involvement of other specialists to the efforts of QA department,” the CEO of says. “Fortunately, we’ve managed to deal with the problem. I’m sure writers will appreciate the increased efficiency of our services.”

More information on the company and its mission in the market can be found at website or through the live writers’ support team.

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