Relationship Mending The Mills Way

Are you concerned with your son’s mental make up? Are you tired of disciplining him time and again? Does he not listen to you, when you try to discipline him? Is he too aggressive for you to handle? Does he do things that are not normal for children his age? Are you troubled by all the above or such other issues? Then Mills Counseling Services is the answer to your problems. Do you ever wish that parenting came with a handbook on how to grow your children? These and many such issues can be sorted out at Mills Counseling Services. Mills Counseling Services attends to issues like.

• Differences in parenting styles

• Sibling rivalry

• Getting children to complete home work.

• Over Scheduling

• What is normal behavior for different ages and when should I seek help?

• Children or adolescents who won’t talk.

• Inability to find a balance between parenting, work and relationships.

• Children who are unorganized

• Finding effective discipline

• Being unable to let go as your child enters late adolescence.

• Children, who consistently act out, push buttons and test limits.

• Bullying

• Drugs, alcohol and cigarette use in children and teens.

• Poor self esteem

• Problems with setting limits

• Irresponsibility

• For parents who are in the midst of a divorce (before, during and after) the relationship wellness center offers counseling to address issues like:

• Co-parenting

• Parental Conflict

• Parental Alienation

• Understanding how divorce affects children based on their age and stage of development

• How parental behavior affects children both during and after divorce
• Single parenting

• How to help your child through a divorce

• Children being put in the middle

• Maintaining a positive relationship with the child

• How being the custodial or non-custodial parent affects your relationship with your child.

• Children transitioning between two homes.

• Blended families.

Mills Counseling Services provides all the above services and many more. Mills Counseling Services is the one stop shop for a licensed professional counselor in LA, family therapist in Louisiana, Louisiana licensed social worker, couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana, licensed therapist in Louisiana, Lafayette Louisiana social worker, and many other services. We offer special emphasis on kids in cases of divorce. During a divorce, kids are the first ones to be affected both mentally and emotionally. And we try to assuage their fears arising from the divorce. Our Family Therapy in Louisiana attends to kids in such cases and tries to keep them calm and answers their multitude of questions. It helps them to get over the grief and helps them to accept the situation. Hence our marriage counseling services tries to work out reconciliation each time we get a marital discord case, so that kids are not affected. This is one of the reasons that we get repeat customers, apart from the fact that our customers find our services to be value for money.

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