Dispatches High Performers on Paid Trips: Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia

Three of’s most productive writers will soon travel to Saudi Arabia, Florence, Italy, or Japan! These prepaid trips are management’s rewards for their impressive achievements this last year. The experiences of these voyages will nourish their creative wellsprings and our customers will share in the benefits.

We appreciate all our writers, but there are always a few who stand out for their timeliness, cooperation, accuracy, and insight. The trio of accomplished writers will be traveling at’s expense to one of these exciting destinations.

The locations were, admittedly, chosen for cultural significance as well as their value as vacation spots. Florence, the birthplace of the Italian language, and unrivalled treasure trove of Renaissance artifacts, also offers the wonderful Spoleto music festival, and incredible food. Japan is today at the very center of the world, politically and economically. The legacy of its centuries of isolation is its distinctive and unique culture. The Islamic world looks to Saudi Arabia to safeguard their holiest spots, in a beautiful and extreme environment.

These destinations will endow our high-performing writers with a wealth of impressions and historical insights. They will doubtless share them with customers in future papers. has rewarded writers dramatically before. However, this is the first overseas trip we have awarded. There is plenty of information about prior achievement awards at our website,, as well our services.

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