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Writers at have the professionalism to handle any writing, editing, or research project, but it does not follow that they all have equal speed on a keyboard. As a solution to this, the custom writing firm is providing keyboarding training as an employee benefit, to all staff. This will bring everyone up to speed in word processing. The training will allow writers to concentrate on the content of the articles, proposals, essays, and research on which we help customers, rather than hanging up on how to access word processing features! will offer online keyboarding courses, as well as on-site classes, and, for off-site writers, vouchers to attend courses close to where they live.

Speed and efficiency are critical to custom writing under deadline at No matter how insightful the analysis, or how precise the description, without fast typing and exploitation of all the word processing features and commands, the writer will can’t be optimally productive.’ s professional writers already have expertise in a wide variety of subjects, commitment to rigorous scholarship, and the flexibility and precision of composition to help anyone with any writing project. However, they don’t all possess equal keyboarding facility. To address this problem and bring all the writers up to the same high level of efficiency, will offer training in keyboarding and use of advanced word processing tools.

To accomplish this, on-site classes, online keyboarding programs, or vouchers for classes in schools near where writers live, will be available to staff. Some of the first “graduates” of these programs are applying their enhanced typing skills to turn out papers, essays, proposals, articles and all the other varied projects handles at lightning speed. One writer, originally trained on a manual typewriter, is thrilled, “No yelling at the screen anymore! The dynamic bibliographic feature that updates itself, all through the document, is incredible! ” Other staff writers are finding themselves accomplishing editorial task much more effectively, for example, by using the mark-up, tracking change tools, and other facilities for collaborative revision. is always seeking ways to improve our service. Ensuring that all our writers can take full advantage of the efficiencies of word processing is just one of them. You can learn more about the firm, and all the ways we help customers at every step along the way to a polished product at

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