Screens Foreign Films. Expert Seminar Expands Horizons for All Staff constantly seeks new avenues to increased staff knowledge. The Sundance Film Festival’s geographically diverse entries open an insight onto other cultures, and an evolving art form. Starting soon, film screenings for all employees will highlight Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. These windows into global thinking and perception cannot fail to expand the horizons of all who attend. We also plan a lecture from an expert in world cinema. Our customers may note a gratifying increase in the cosmopolitan sophistication of our whole staff as a result.

Any survey of these cinematic treasure troves might include early and seminal works such as the 1913 debut of Indian film, Raja Harishachandra, and Omar Sharif’s performance under his birth name in Youssef Chahine’s Raging Sky, or The Battleship Potemkin. Guided by our guest speaker, we will examine the varied ways directors tell stories and convey messages.

Whether any of the writers, editors, and support staff who join in this examination of international cinema ever write about cinema, is irrelevant to us. At, we feel that anything that broadens the mind helps both with writing and in dealing with customers from all over the world. has hosted specialized film ‘festivals’ before to inform and educate staff. You can find out more about this at the company’s website,

About Us: writers and editors are on the web constantly, keeping tabs on current events and trends. Our customers can count on their being up to date. They stay abreast of scholarly advances in their fields, as well evolving cultural and geopolitical developments. This means that no matter how of-the-moment an assignment is, our team can help!

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