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John Bowie – <a href= LawFuel NZ Legal Jobs Online Experienced trial lawyer Russell Fairbrother must have winced when he sided with his party on the Privileges Committee decision on Winston Peters. New Zealand Firster Dail Jones can be forgiven, just, but the ability of any experienced lawyer listening to Winston’s tales making a decision based on politics rather than facts says little about the efficacy of a process twisted by politics and power plays. To his credit, Te Ururoa Flavell and the Maori Party came out best, certainly not justice, the democratic process or Winston.

Did you see Rodney Hide during the hearings, sitting right in camera shot, pin-striped, with a face of thunder, brow furrowed and a mask of seriousness upon which walnuts could be cracked? What’s happening here, with the yellow jackets, weight loss and teeth jobs, is a slow transformation, aided by plastic surgery, to transform Rodney into the very man Winston Peters worships – Winston Churchill himself. Wait for the bow tie. I mean it. It’s happening and it’s happening before our very eyes. Masterful.

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