Ron Paul Movement Taking Over the GOP?

Although the Ron Paul campaign may be entering its final phase, it’s supporters regard Ron Paul as setting the foundation not for a presidential win but for an entire change or takeover of the GOP itself.

The Nebraska convention saw Ron Paul fail to collect enough delegates to qualify for a speaking slot at the August convention, but that is not deterring his swelling fan base from support of what he is achieving, as Christian Science Monitor reports.

“They may be accurate in the immediate technical electoral sense, but are wholly inaccurate in the much more pertinent and larger sense when reporting on anything concerning Ron Paul and his very large, vocal and influential movement,” writes blogger Jack Hunter on the RonPaul2012 website.

“Ron Paul’s movement is taking over the GOP from the grassroots up – with many local and state Republican Parties being staffed, and in many cases led, by Paul supporters,” Mr. Hunter writes. “Every last volunteer who spent time and effort working hard in their state conventions to secure delegates and the nomination for Ron Paul, can know that it is PRECISELY their efforts that are helping to transform the GOP of Bush into the Party of Paul.”

At the state convention in Grand Island, Neb., Romney campaign officials and lawyers were present to make sure nothing funky happened, that the delegate selection process occurred without any disruption by Paul supporters. (Paul himself had instructed supporters to be polite.) The GOP is working to make sure the same thing happens in Tampa.

“They want this thing to go smoothly. But all conventions are like that. And this is the one thing that annoys me a bit,” Paul said on Fox Business. “If they want this thing to go smoothly and be a big media event, and it costs the taxpayers $18 million, and they don’t want a discussion, why can’t we have a little debate?”

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