Ron Paul Sticking to His Guns and His Money Bombs – There is no way that Republican candidate Ron Paul is giving up his race and he has indicated that his support numbers “have swelled tremendously.”

The setbacks that many may have seen as reason for the candidate to give up his race for the GOP nomination have not been sufficient to disuade the independent-minded Paul to give up the race.

As the Houston Chronical blog reports, The Republican underdog displayed his optimism for his campaign during a campaign video, taking into account the primaries still on the horizon

Though he has 50 delegates out of the 1,011 that have been allotted and has yet to win a primary (he won the most votes at the U.S. Virgin Island caucuses), he described the campaign as “going quite well.”

He is attempting to generate monetary support with yet another “money bomb.”

This one is called the “Give Me Liberty” Money Bomb, in reference to Patrick Henry’s famous line, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” As of late Friday afternoon, the fundraiser had drummed up $291,211.88 worth of support.

There is no way Ron Paul is going home any day soon, it seems.

Paul also said in his latest campaign statement that it was difficult for him to compete with other candidates who attracted donors with deeper pockets.

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