Ron Paul’s Fighting Talk Tells Supporters The Fight is Far From Over – In many ways Ron Paul’s address on the eve of the Republican National Convention was classic Ron Paul – fighting talk and addressing everything from Afghanistan to marijuana. The fight, he told his ecstatic supporters, was far from over, as the Business Insider reports.

“Let me tell you, I was a little afraid to come down here,” Paul told the crowd at his Sun Dome rally. “I wasn’t afraid of Hurricane Isaac. But there have been a lot of news headlines that say the Revolution is over….They’re saying the Revolution isn’t happening — they wish!”

It was likely to be one of the last speeches of Paul’s political career — the Texas Congressman’s presidential campaign will officially end when the Republican Party nominates Mitt Romney this week, and Paul is retiring from Congress at the end of this year. But he promised his legions of fans on Sunday that the movement will move forward, even in his absence.

“Ultimately, numbers do count. Numbers count even when they don’t count all the votes. And we have the numbers!” Paul added. “A bunch of other people are joining us, and they’re saying ‘The Ron Paul people are right!’

For the most part, the speech was a gussied version of Paul’s standard stump speech, hitting libertarian high notes, including ending the Federal Reserve, getting out of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and legalization of hemp, marijuana, and raw milk.

The Ron Paul movement, it would seem, is far from over.

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