Offers Special on Wireless Solar Surveillance Systems

Fort Worth, Texas. March 3, 2010 – RSS CCTV is a leading provider of state-of-the-art video security and surveillance systems for a wide range of security applications, residential, commercial and more. As described on the company’s website at, one of the latest technologies available in security surveillance systems is the wireless solar surveillance system. This unique system features the convenience of green solar power, coupled with wireless technology. Because no trenching is needed to run wires and cables, the wireless solar surveillance system is an ideal option for projects where standard security systems would be to costly or difficult to install, or where undesirable damage is done to pristine environments arising from cable trenching or the unsightly above ground running of cable.
There are many appealing benefits to this product. The standalone CCTV camera system is solar-powered, so it appeals to responsible green consumers who are looking for a renewable energy source and no CO2 emissions. And, while the initial investment may seem high, when one considers the comparative upfront costs of trenching and running cable, it becomes a viable alternative, especially as there is no cable to maintain and no risk of having cables damaged in the future. The system can be easily installed anywhere, even in protected wildlife areas, sanctuaries, and parks.
The solar powered surveillance system transmits the video over a wireless signal to a central location where it can be monitored and recorded. Because of the convenient wireless transmission, this system is the perfect solution for a wide variety of uses, including construction sites, pipelines, agricultural areas, residential areas, and commercial applications wherever security protection is needed. As stated at, the wireless solar CCTV security system has enabled monitoring and protection from “trespassing, illegal waste dumping, vandalism and crowd control”, as well as many other security applications at residential, commercial and a variety of other sites including military and industrial. The wireless solar IP camera systems are also compatible with cellular uplink modems, which can be used with most popular US cellular carriers including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and more. It should be noted that cellular configurations are subject to your carriers monthly cellular data line fee as well as extra charges from the manufacturer for data modem and related configuration.
RSS CCTV’s website lists several models of wireless solar surveillance systems in different price ranges, so consumers can select the one with the features that meet their solar rating as well as other requirements. A 5% discount is being offered on all Wireless Solar Surveillance Systems and all other items listed on the website purchased in conjunction with the Wireless Solar Surveillance systems. This discount is valid for one or multiple purchases until April 15, 2010. Call Toll Free: 1-866-303-2288 to activate your 5% discount. RSS CCTV offers their customers exceptional service, with free security system design and technical support, free estimates, and free shipping. Additional details are available at:

Reliable Security Systems (RSS CCTV) provides state-of-the-art security and surveillance systems and related products for residential, business, government, and military applications. RSS CCTV also specializes in custom design of security camera systems and access control system solutions for any application.

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