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“Computers are so hard!” says JoAnn. “I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake!”

Does this sound like you? We help people like JoAnn everyday, making computers easier. In 2005, JoAnn came to us needing her first computer. Today, JoAnn has setup her own smartphone, synchronized her contacts online and is an avid social networking user.

We are Cybertooth Tech, a different computer company. We want to make your job easier! By providing experience, knowledge and apathy to our customers’ needs make us the perfect choice of technology partners for your home and business.

Do you have:
-high speed internet?
-multiple computers?
-wireless printing?
-lots of pictures and music?

Since 2002, we have helped customers in the St. Louis area get more done and start enjoying their technology investment. Why spend a boatload of money on a computer then deal with slow response in a few months? We help our customers setup a maintenance plan to help keep the computer doctor away. Does your computer support provider do that?

Does your computer have strange error messages? We can take care of that. Most error messages are simple maintenance issues.

Want to hook up another device? Create a music and movie center? No problem. Home media servers are great ways to “recycle” your old computer into a central storage device the whole family can enjoy! Beyond the cool factor of a media server, it can also be configured to backup the whole families pictures, music, movies and games. No more lost memories!

“Why do we have to go through so many steps to get to where I want to go?”

In our ultra competitive business world, your company can live or die by the technology choices you make. Cybertooth Tech will sit down with you and devise a technology strategy to make your processes smooth as silk. In fact, we are responsible for over $1.8 million in saved payroll since 2009!

“What happens if our server goes down?”

Did you know 80% of all business who have a catastrophic data loss fail within 5 years?
Ideally, your data should be safe, secure and yet accessible to the right people. Cybertooth Tech can help you plan for the future while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Top technology experts agree, businesses should have at least daily offsite backups of critical data. What would happen in a fire? Your data could be destroyed or cost thousands of dollars to recover. Our plans include long-lasting, inexpensive products guaranteed to provide years of service.

Saint Louis Joplin ,o. Computer Repair:

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