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SAN FRANCISCO, March 14 LAWFUEL – US Litigation & Court News — James Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster, lead counsel for former Hewlett-Packard Chairman Patricia Dunn,
today announced that all charges against Ms. Dunn have been dismissed by
the judge.

“We have maintained from the beginning that Pattie Dunn was innocent
and thus vigorously fought the charges against her. Today, the judge
dismissed the case. Ms. Dunn did not plead to anything. This is the right
result,” stated Mr. Brosnahan.

“We had numerous discussions with the California Attorney General’s
office and appreciate very much that the administration of the new Attorney
General decided to allow the judge to dismiss the case against Pattie
Dunn,” he added.

Ms. Dunn stated, “I am pleased that this matter has been resolved
fairly, and want to express my deep gratitude to my husband and family, who never lost faith in me throughout this ordeal. I have been strengthened by wonderful support during this difficult time — both from my dear friends and from people I have never met. I have always had faith that the truth would win out and justice would be served — and it has been.”

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