Sandy Hook Shootings Recharges the Gun Laws Debate – Law Newswire – The tragedy of Sandy Hook school in Newton, Connecticut shootings once again raises the issue of tougher gun laws in the United States.

The shooting at the Connecticut school where 27 people were killed by Ryan Lanza is the second worst shooting case in US history and victims and the country are struggling to come to turns with the scale of the tragedy.

The increase in deadly shootings in US schools and public places has heightened the debate in respect of tough gun laws. An Oregon shopping mall shooting occurred on Tuesday when the gunman killed two people before shooting himself.

The worst incident recently was the July shotting of 12 people by James Holmes when he also injured 58 others at a movie theatre screening the latest Batman movie.

The reality is that tougher gun ownership laws has received a mixed reaction in the US, with its constitutional rights to keep firearms at home.

However lawyers and others will enter the debate with renewed vigor after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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