Seattle DUI Attorney Offers No-Cost Phone Consultations 2

Seattle DUI Attorney Offers No-Cost Phone Consultations

Law office of Raymond W Ejarque will now provide no-cost telephonic consultation in DUI cases in Seattle any of the day. This will provide the drivers accused of violation of DUI laws proper legal advice before they go ahead with the questioning.

Seattle, WA LawFuel Law News Daily – February 20, 2014

Staff of Raymond W. Ejarque, a reputable lawyer in Seattle, will now offer free initial telephonic consultation in DUI cases 24 hours a day. This step of the frontline law firm will be of great assistance to drivers who may be pulled up by police officials for an alleged traffic violation. They will be able to talk to experts before replying to the queries or taking the Breathalyzer test.

“Timely advice can help people avoid hassles later in DUI cases. We hear the circumstances behind of stopping of the vehicle and suggest them about the best possible action to deal with the situation. If the police finally decides to press on the charges and the drivers repose trust in our services, we here details of the case patiently from the client and then deliberate how we can prepare a solid defense. The law requires the prosecutor to prove certain things before a driver is convicted. Every element of the DUI charge must be proven beyond doubt and we hold the prosecutor to this very standard in the court,” commented Mr. Ejarque.

Law requires prosecutor to prove the accused was either driving or in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of liquor or any drug with a BAC of .08 or more. Many a time, officers improperly score the field sobriety tests that can be seen in the police video of the testing. A competent lawyer can use it as a ground to challenge the test. They can also get relief for the clients using the holes left by the officers in the case.

Moreover, mere test results of BAC over .08 do not prove the case for the prosecution. As Mr. Ejarque said, “Even the machines or people operating them make mistakes and courts are well aware of it. You may be surprised how often the Washington State Toxicology Lab makes mistakes in making the breath testing machines. We can challenge the validity of a BAC test if we find that the test was taken improperly.”

Raymond W. Ejarque, a reputable and affordable Seattle DUI lawyer, is certified on administering field sobriety tests. He has completed training with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standardized field sobriety testing that makes him qualified to administer the test himself. Working with other experienced colleagues, he can use his skills to prepare Effective Defense For All DUI Charges for the clients. Visit website for more information on DUI lawyers Seattle.

About Raymond W. Ejarque

Raymond W. Ejarque offers experienced, aggressive and affordable representation in DUI cases in Seattle. Thanks to many successful court representations by him on DUI cases, his clients are happy with the outcome of their case.  Along with DUI, he also takes cases of theft, assault, domestic violence and criminal defense issues. Visit for more information on his services.

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