Seeking Men in The NZ Dating Scene – Is There a Shortage or Not? – The NZ dating scene is much like any other modern dating environment and, as usual, there appears to be a man shortage.

Matchcompany NZ owner Rosie Bowie says there is a shortage of avaible men, but the shortage is also excacerbated by men showing a greater reluctance than women to actually come forward and seek some personalised help.

Matchcompany NZ provides personalised matchmaking and dating help for professionals, everyone from self employed people, professionals like lawyers and doctors, to those who are simply seeking a long-term partner.

“Men are more than welcome to come and see us for an obligation-free talk,” says Rosie. “There is always the opportunity to simply come and talk dating, relationships, matchmaking . . whatever we can do to explain how we work and what interest we will take in removing the stigma or fear for them.”

Matchcompany NZ provides a service that personally vets those who register and uses matchmakers to make actual matches rather than relying just on online profiles that often do not “match” the real person behind them.

“We try and deliver a matchmaking service that will provide real help to those who become clients and the fact is that while it can take some time, we have consistently been able to make permanent matches for an increasing number of clients. So men – don’t be afraid,” says Rosie. “Email or call and let’s just talk about what we can do for you.”

Dating New Zealand is changing. is helping lead that change.

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