ServiceBox Launches Business Networking Portal for Entrepreneur

ServiceBox is a local Neighborhood application connecting Neighbors and Neighborhoods together. ServiceBox has rolled out its first version in the state of Washington and is now in 5 states. With over 30,000 neighborhoods in these 5 states, ServiceBox enables virtually every neighborhood to create Neighborhood groups, News, meet neighbors and other fun local activities.

ServiceBox provides a Micro-Site application for businesses that want to target their local customers. The Micro-site application is a powerful, feature rich, Social Marketing application that provides all the basic features of a web site plus all the social networking and marketing features that every business wants to connect directly to its customer base.

ServiceBox is the fastest growing Social Networking site in the state of Washington, based on Alexa trending.


– Allows Neighbors to connect to neighbors, friends and family, groups, businesses locally

– Provides local Businesses powerful Micro-Sites for local Social Networking and Marketing that can be their stand alone site or supplemental site to their existing site.

– Let’s Neighbors connect, share create local events, generate and read local news, sell items in the Marketplace and generate more transparent communities through communication.

– Helps to find out your local businesses and along with it also provides updates of businesses in your town

– Enables neighbors to become the local Neighborhood reporter and write articles about what’s going on at school, crime, local politics, or other relevant issues to you and your Neighborhood

– Get coupons from favorite businesses

Social networking site works with us in partnership to provide the best localized platform for communicating and developing local relationships. So with this online community organizer you can start your local business networking and also get the benefit of online b2b marketing.

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