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Have you ever despaired of getting the hang of choosing a topic which can be feasibly researched and written about? Or wished you had learned how to outline? Or wondered what the teacher means by textual analysis? Or worried about how to paraphrase what a noted authority seems to have said in the only way it could be expressed? Well, if so, you need to check out the new seminars at Online, convenient, using assignments right out of the syllabi and agendas of real people in real universities and corporations, these seminars will fill in any gaps that may remain after high school or college. is interested in helping clients with more than merely doing your writing, editing, and research for you – we are interested in helping you be a better; much better, writer!

What is a student or a job seeker or new recruit to do? The materials you are asked to analyze are far more complicated than anything in high school, (or college); you’re floundering, wondering what the instructor or supervisor is looking for! First, you are wise to seek extra help from in editing, writing, and research, but now there’s an additional important reason to do so. now offers seminars addressing the writing topics posing problems for anyone who puts words to paper for a grade or a paycheck.

Planning and organizing an expository essay, overcoming writer’s block, writing persuasively, finding and citing trustworthy references, are all among the subjects covered. We will meet online, using real world topics and customer supplied documents from work or school (if desired) to step through the creative process. We take you from decoding and understanding the assignment to refining a topic or approach, to searching databases, discarding non-credible ones, creating an outline, and drafting the paper itself, with bibliography. At every point, participants may raise questions or issues as they watch the creative and editorial process progress.

These proceedings will be archived so more customers can take advantage of them. The writers are excited about this opportunity. One said, “I’ve done this informally all along anyway; giving tips on researching obscure topics, how to write letters of inquiry to experts in the field, how to choose a topic or points to make which match up with available references, and so forth. Now we can be organized about it.” hopes this will help customers strengthen their own skills, and expand the company’s usefulness to our world-spanning clientele. See for details.

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