Sheila Elliott is announcing the book launch of ‘My Business Is My Business- Learn How To Earn A Fortune’

After 20 years of working with different types of businesses and learning the secret of business success, Sheila Elliott, the founder and CEO of BSS Management Consultancy, is announcing the launch of her book ’My Business Is My Business’, which has been endorsed by Bestselling Authors such as Mark Victor Hansen, the co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Empire, One Minute Millionaire and Cracking The Millionaire Code.

‘My Business Is My Business’ is a powerful book with lots of information aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners need to know about how to systematically start a business and the systems and processes they need to put in place to ensure it will succeed beyond 10years or more. The book shares tools and systems for effective marketing, financial planning, controls and management, as well as how to harness creativity and innovation. Every entrepreneur out there should grab a copy of this book and have it in their libraries. The book is a resource that put in the hands of enterpreneurs all the tools required for starting a successful business. When you possess and use these tools correctly, as well as understand how to work in harmony with the laws of the universe, your success is guaranteed. The book draws attention to the importance of attitude and success conscious mindset. Whether you consult with the likes of Mark Victor Hansen or Zig Ziglar, all will agree that the foundation of business success lies with what happened on the inside. Understanding how to gain mastery over the mind and direct it towards what you want to accomplish through your business, whilst working in harmony with the laws of the universe are concepts all too often unknown to many entrepreneurs. My Business Is My Business, expound on how these concepts work in real life, citing simplistic examples and illustrations all throughout the book, to help readers who seriously want to build a successful business do so using proven systems.

Readers of My Business Is My Business, have been so pleasantly surprise by what they uncovered from this book and you will find some of their comments and reviews on www. website, as well as the authors blogsite . One reader felt he was reading a book by Steve Covey. Many readers said as a result of reading the book, their philosophy of how they approach their business has changed.

Here is what readers of My Business Is My Business are saying on Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!,
By Mercy Nyamutata (London, England)

I love this book! I found it highly motivational and inspiring. The strategies in this book have challenged me to review the way I conduct my business. The author explores practical and simple ways on what it takes to start up and run a succesful business. I highly recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders alike who are ready to maximise their potential. Thanks Sheilla.

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly Inspiring,
By Dr. Yemi Shode (London) – See all my reviews

This is a down to earth practical book l recommend to people wanting to start a business. Every chapter of the book reveals a secret to building a successful profitable business. This book is highly recommended and my favourite chapter, chapter six “The Psychology of Amassing Financial Fortune”, is worth reading.

Breath of freshair, 11 May 2009
By P. Franklin (London) – See all my reviews

Sheila Elliot is passionate about business therefore it came to no surprise to find that My Business Is My Business was a breath of fresh air. Each page delivered practical information, advice and guidance. This business book with a twist of spiritual flavour is filled with information that helps you from the outside in and delivered in what some would say with tough love.

Truly Inspiring
By D. Roberts (London) – See all my reviews

This is a highly informative book for all business leaders and aspiring entreprenuers, that is easy to read and an essential tools for anyone starting out in business, as well as new and established businesses. I found it particulary useful as a new business owner. Reading this book compelled me to revisit some of my strategies and it gave me that added boost to focus more on my buisness. The title say it all’ My buisness is My Business’…. The author really reinforces that concept througout this book. It comes highly recommended. Thanks Sheila
Here are some of the reviews on the authors website
Dear Sheila,

“One thing that I admire about you and that is your integrity. I have met many so called coaches who perhaps do not have the integrity which I go by and it is so admirable to find someone who does. What I like about your talks are the frankness and spontaneity. I feel that it grips the audience and keep them fixed. Your book is a real surprise, well written and versed I feel that I am reading a book by Steve Covey. I am a professional photographer and you are a joy to work with, listen to and read. Keep up the excellent work.”

~Darren St Mart
Photographer & Business Owner


I have just finished reading your book – My Business is My Business.

This book is minefield of business knowledge – You do hit the nail on the head in this one. Invaluable information! extremely positive for inspiration and direction – thanks for sharing your ideas.

I like to pick a copy for a friend (£12.99). Let me know when you are available in the evening this or next week. Many thanks

For a free copy of the first three chapter of this book go to or
If you are serious about starting a business, visit the authors website today and pick up your own very copy. You can also get the book from at 50% discount today.

About the Author
Sheila Elliott is the founder and CEO of BSS Management Consultancy, a company that was incorporated in the UK as well as the founder and CEO of BSS USA Inc in Delaware. Sheila is an expert in business startup and development with a flair for self development and spirituality. Sheila is a qualified chartered certified accountant as well as fellow member of the ACCA. After qualifying with a degree in Masters in Business Administration, Sheila proceeded to start her own consultancy business and has coached, mentored and trained thousands of entrepreneurs mainly in the United Kingdom.

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