She’s out. Paris Hilton, the media circus queen, is back on the street after 23 days’ being corrected for driving a Bentley convertible when she had been suspended but her publicist hadn’t told her and . . oh, you know the story. She’s out again, damn it.

By all rights it should have been, like, so “not hot”.

And yet, after 23 days in a women’s correctional facility for driving her Bentley convertible with a licence that had been suspended for drink-driving, the all-new Paris Hilton — philanthropic, spiritually enlightened, abreast of the latest developments in The Wall Street Journal and, most of all, “not dumb” — fluttered out from confinement yesterday morning like an exotic bird from a zookeeper’s cage.

Her hair in a plait, hands clasped in front of her, wearing tight jeans, white stilettoes, a white T-shirt and green vest with cream piping, Hilton gave a coquettish smile as she tip-toed between two steep banks of paparazzi — the image suggesting a modern-day Moses after parting the Red Sea. “Paris is walking! Paris is smiling! Paris is waving!” reported the CNN anchor, sounding almost euphoric.

And then, on seeing her mother in the back of a waiting Cadillac Escalade — the scourge of environmentalists for its 13mpg city fuel consumption — she broke into a run. Through the open window, they hugged. It was a tender mother/heiress/paparazzi/SUV/bodyguards/prison officials moment captured on every conceivable form of media for billions to see. Meanwhile, life has been getting worse for the man responsible for putting Hilton back in jail, after her initial release for “medical reasons”.

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