Skver Tours Croatia Offers Exclusive Accommodation In Croatia

Skver Tours, which has already amassed a reputation in many areas, such as accommodation Croatia
, apartments Croatia, lake vacation rentals Croatia, has signed an exclusive deal with the Croatian Government for offering accommodation facilities insider Vransko Lake Nature Park. According to Bosko Uroda, spokesperson for the tour company, the deal allows the company to provide unique tour packages for its customers. He says that the company has labeled this exclusive offer as Ranch Kukin package.

Not many Nature parks in the world provide accommodation facilities within the Nature park premises. The idea behind it is that constructing new buildings eventually damages the Nature Park. According to Mr. Uroda, the officials at Vransko Lake Nature Park, who clearly understand the environmental commitment and track record of Skver Tours, entrusted the company with the responsibility of providing safe and hassle-free accommodation for the tourists flocking to the Nature Park.

He says that there are only four cabins within the Nature Park. He assures that while the cabins have all modern facilities one can expect in a star hotel, these are constructed and maintained in a manner not to cause any harm to the virgin environment inside the Nature Park. He attributes environmental concerns as the main reason why the number of accommodation facilities is limited to four.

Mr. Uroda adds that each of the facility has five beds. That is, a total of 20 beds are available with the Vransko Lake Nature Park. He says that the bookings are done on first-come-first-serve basis. Online reservation facility is also available at According to him, the limited number of seats means those who get the reservation can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Vransko Lake in near isolation.

Mr. Uroda further explains the tourist attractions of the Vransko Lake. He says that the Ranch Kukin package is ideal for a whole family or a group of people. According to him, the lake and its surroundings are ideal for tourists who enjoy any of the following activities:

• Fishing: The Vransko Lake, thanks mainly to its proximity to the Adriatic Sea, hosts a mind-boggling variety of fish species. A fishing enthusiast can spend days here forgetting the rest of the world.

• Bird Watching: The ornithological reserve in the Vransko Lake Nature Park houses about 250 species of birds – some of them rare. It is a treasure trove for a bird lover or a bird photographer.

• Mountain Biking: Tourists who love adventure activities can indulge in mountain biking in the nearby Pakostane range.

• History: The Vransko Lake Nature Park has some historical sites as well. The main attraction among them is the walls built by Knights Templar.

Mr. Uroda concludes that Skver Tours has made every arrangement to make Ranch Kukin Package a success, just like its previous and ongoing offers, such as accommodation Croatia, apartments Croatia, lake vacation rentals Croatia.

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