Small shareholders happy with Berger paint’s fourth quarter results

Kolkata, West Bengal – June 16, 2011. Many small shareholders have expressed their satisfaction with the recently announced fourth quarter results where the company has gained remarkably both in terms of net sales and net profit compared to last year’s. They are also very happy with the way the company is performing and are very excited about company’s various future projects.

In the last few years company has grown much in size. Last year company has spent a large amount of money in strengthening its operation, supply chain and logistics department. This action taken by the company has resulted in a huge amount of overlay expenditure savings. This year too company has made up its mind to implement many steps to improve its working efficiency and to introduce more room painting colors in the market.

Paint industry is witnessing fierce competition. Paint companies are coming up with a lot of exiting room painting colors to attract more customers. Every paint companies are trying to sell their product by categorizing it as “best colors to paint your house”. They are spending hugely to deliver a wide range of room painting colors to their customers at a very economical rate. Survival in such situations is very difficult and Berger pain private limited is doing a remarkable job where it is gaining customers and also improving its profit and revenue.

About Us

Berger Paints India Limited (BPIL) is one of the leading Paint Manufacturing Company India. Started in the year 1923 with very little financial capital, this company has 7 manufacturing facilities, 82+ depots and presence in four overseas facilities.

Company also maintains and advocates high ethical standards in every field. It strongly participates in various social and community programs and takes care and respects every needs and requirements of its employees.

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